Conquering Knight, Captive Lady


Книга "Conquering Knight, Captive Lady"

Авторы: Anne O'Brien

Издатель: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9781408983416

He will conquer his castle…and his bride!Green eyes sparkling with fire, there is no way Lady Rosamund de Longspey has escaped an arranged marriage only to be conquered by a rogue! Grey eyes as hard and flinty as his heart has become, Lord Gervase Fitz Osbern, weary of war and wanton women, will fight for what rightly belongs to him!But Rose is not going to be ousted, and Gervase, a warrior to his fingertips, is not going to meekly withdraw. Instead he’ll claim his castle – and just maybe a bride!January 1158, four years into the reign of King Henry II



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