Celebrity Gossip Blogs - How to Start a Celeb Gossip Blog

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Celebrity gossip blogs are all over the place. Now the question is, would you like to start a celebrity gossip blog of your own? If so, this is the ONLYblog training course you will ever need. Not only willIbe showing you what it takes to create a successful celebrity gossip or fan blog, I will also be walking you through the process step-by-step in my "7 Day Blog Challenge", (my best selling blog training course valued at $195)which I've included for free in this course.This course is the only guide you need to start your celebrity gossipWordPress Blog or websiteKnow how you can pick the right niche for your celebrityblogCreate a celebrity blog you are passionate aboutSetup your celebrity blog in just 5 minutes (yes you read it right, just 5 minutes!)Choose the best possible WordPress theme for your blog websiteInstall free WordPress plugins for blogging successOptimize your celebrity blogging website for better SEOHow to analyze the competition and see where othercelebrity gossip blogs rankDiscover the bestways to buildtraffic and earn from your celebrity blog websiteThe first thing we are going to do in this course is we are going topick the right nichefor your celebrity blog. This is an extremely important part of the process, as it will lay the groundwork for the success of your blog in days and weeks to come.Create a celebrity blog you are passionate about, which we will help you discover. Find a passion that will also make you earn in the process. Since we already are going to be focusing on a "celebrity" concept, it's just a matter of finding which direction and content topic you want to go after.Once you decide on your celebrity blogging niche the second thing it that choose a unique but effectivedomain name for your blog website. I will walk you through the process of choosing a great domain name for your blog website. Make sure you come up with an original domain that represents the content on your site, but also making sure it's something that is easy to remember and spell in the process.After choosing a domain name, it'stime is to go live with yourcelebrity blog. I will walk you through the process of how tosetup your blog in just 5 minuteswith WordPress and without any coding. Choosing the rightWordPress themefor your blog website is also an important, so Iwill lay out these guidelines for you as well -- along with showing you some of my favorite sites where Iget my own premium themes.In this course, you will also get tounderstand why and how to use thetop WordPress pluginsthat are requiredfor bloggingsuccess. You will also discover howSEO worksand whichWordPress SEO tipsyou should be following to help you improve your WordPress blog website SEO and get more organic traffic. The more you focus on your site content and SEOnow, the more chance you will have for ranking forcelebrity gossip related keywords and search phrases.At the end, I am going to show you thebest methods to get free trafficto your blog. There are many ways to reach traffic on the internet today, but I'm going to only focus on four methods that I continue to use today -- these are SEO, guest blogging, infographics and social media.I will alsoshow you thebest ways to make moneyfrom your blog. If you truly want to profit from your site, you will need to focus on your content creation and marketing efforts. This is something I have continually mastered and will show you how to as well.In summary,this course is easy enough for a newbie blogger to follow, yet also loaded up with more than enough actionable tips and resources to teach veteran bloggers and marketers something as well. This istheonly guide you need to get your blog fully functional andlive.Be sure to visit bonus video materialfor more videos on the specifics of how to complete any of the actions discussed in the course.A webinar on How to Make $500 with a Blog as a Bonus material inside the course.As with all of my courses, Iknow they are top notch and the best around. If you dont like the course for any reason then you can request for therefund in first 30 daysfrom your purchase. Also, remember that this course comes withlifetime access to the course, that means you will get access to all the future lectures at FREE of cost.Thanks for your interest in this course, hope youre as excited to get started.Go ahead and click on Enroll Now button. See you inside the course!!!

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