The Complete PHP Course from Core PHP to PHP7 & Codeigniter

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You will learn all the core PHP concepts from scratch with examples; I will cover all the topics from PHP5 (Object-oriented programming). You will also learn the latest ideas of PHP7; I will explain all the SQL concepts so you can easily understand how SQL works.You will learn the worlds powerful framework front-end framework Bootstrap, and you can also gain one PHP framework, which is Codeigniter from scratch.We will discuss the security issues while working on the project because you must add security while working on any project.I will teach you how to break HTML content into multiple views. I will cover each and everything necessary for PHP; you will learn many things in this course.Topics includeCode PHP (variables,conditions,function etc)PHP5 (Object-oriented programming)PHP7 ConceptsSQL(Structure query language)Bootstrap introduction.PHP framework (Codeigniter)Crud with core PHPCrud in CodeigniterLogin with CodeigniterSignup with CodeIgniterCodeigniter libraries and helpers.And much more.

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