A 1st Time Student's Guide to Conquering Freshman Year

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Do you want to enjoy a mind blowing freshman year? Do you want to earn higher grades while working smarter not harder? Than this course is for you! Through a series of brief lectures, downloadable worksheets and outlines, we'll work together to learn how toUse effective communication strategies to increase your learning and earn better grades.Manage time in unique, but simple ways so that you can balance fun and studies.Create a killer mindset that sets you up for college success now and professional success later.Eliminate distractions that could block your success.Build a fun and supportive environment with your roommate in your dorm room.I built this course for you based on more than ten years of working with students in both traditional and second chance programs. During that time I've seen wonderful students flounder and drop out all because they weren't aware of how to successfully navigate freshman year. Idon't want you to be one of those students. You deserve success and I'm going to use my experience and research to help you claim it.

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