Photoshop on iPad: Learn Photoshop Retouching on the iPad

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Learn how to use Photoshop on the iPad with ease while having fun!   Did you ever wonder what it is like to edit your photos on an iPad? With Photoshop on the iPad? To just sit in a train or plane and be able to continue working on your Photoshop files just where you started off before? Now it became possible, as Photoshop on the iPad was recently launched in November 2019. I created a course that teaches you every little details, that is important to create stunning images with Photoshop on the iPad. At first we will learn all the basics, such as how to work with the shortcuts that are available, which tools we have and for what they are for, what layers, masks and adjustment layers are, how to set the right blending mode etc. Generally these are some basics you will learn: Working faster with the Touch Shortcuts, Gesture Shortcuts and Keyboard ShortcutsHow to Move and Transform your layersMastering Selections and learn when to use which selection toolUsing Brushes and Eraser How and when to use the Bucket and Gradient ToolCleaning your image with the Healing Brush and Stemp ToolDifferent ways to crop your imageHow to write text inside your imageWhat layers, layer masks and clipped layers areClever ways to structure your layersWorking with Blending modes for image manipulationWhat Adjustment layers are and how to use themWhat different types of Adjustment layers exist and when to use themAfter you learned all the basics we will jump on some Hands-on exercises, where we will edit some of my personal work together and I will show you step by step some of my most sensitive tips and tricks of: Changing colors in my imagesCleaning my images from dirt and unintended elementsTechniques I use to retouch skin Using the blending modes in a real compositionStructure my layers in my PSD filesFinal touches I have to finish the editingOverall: How to create a stunning photo manipulation in Photoshop on the iPad!To get you even more into the material I will provide one more editing exercise, where YOU will have to decide what you would do as the next step in retouching the image. I will show you the final result of my own photo manipulations at the beginning of this section and you have to think about, how you would edit the original image step by step to get the final image as a result. Before every next step I will stop and ask you to think about the next steps first, before watching me editing the image. This is a great training, which Ive done myself when starting with Photoshop 10 years ago and it helped me improve a lot. As a bonus material I will tell you everything about promoting your work. I will explain to you how I created my website, which sides I used and which one I use now. Also I let you know which social platforms, in my opinion, are the best to gain clients and how I got my gallery exhibition in New York and Paris. So whether you are just starting off with Photoshop or you already have some experience but want to be more mobile with the iPad, this course will give you everything you need to create stunning photo manipulations with Photoshop on the iPad and become a successful image creator. Take this course today and bring your own imaginations to life with Photoshop on the iPad.

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